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NameDriving School sim
PublisherOvidiu Pop
Download Size935.5 MB
Mod InfoUnlimited Money, Unlocked

If you’re someone who loves driving and racing, then the Driving School sim MOD APK is the perfect game for you. This simulation game offers a unique driving experience, allowing players to drive different cars in various environments. With a wide range of cars from top brands, you can race and test your driving skills on various exciting maps. Additionally, there are numerous challenges that you can participate in, with rewards for successful completion. The game boasts amazing graphics that bring every detail to life, making it an incredibly realistic driving experience.


The gameplay of Driving School sim MOD APK is an exciting and engaging driving simulation experience. The menus are easy to navigate, allowing you to choose your car, map, and game mode with ease. The game offers a wide range of cars from different top brands, each with its unique features and abilities. You can test your driving skills on various maps, from scenic countryside roads to busy city streets.

Furthermore, the intuitive controls make it easy for players to maneuver their cars, and the realistic graphics make the gameplay even more immersive. The game also features numerous challenges that provide a fun and exciting way to test your driving skills, with rewards for successful completion. Overall, the gameplay of Driving School sim MOD APK is an enjoyable and engaging driving simulation experience that will keep you hooked for hours.

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Features of Driving School Sim

Following are the features of the game

Amazing Collection of Cars

Driving School sim boasts an impressive collection of cars from top brands that are available to unlock and drive. Each car has its unique features and capabilities, providing an exciting and realistic driving experience. From sports cars to SUVs, the game offers a wide variety of vehicles that you can choose from to race and test your driving skills.

Exciting Challenges

The game presents a range of exciting challenges that range from easy to hard levels. These challenges offer a fun and exciting way to test your driving skills and earn rewards for successful completion. Whether it’s driving through a challenging obstacle course or racing against the clock, the game has something for every player.

Customization of Cars

The game also allows players to customize their cars with various customization options such as paint, rims, and stickers. This feature enables players to personalize their cars, making the driving experience even more engaging and enjoyable.

In-Game Tutorials

The game features in-game tutorials that help players get familiar with the game’s mechanics and controls. These tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to help players understand how to drive and race in the game.

Realistic Graphics

Driving School sim features stunning graphics that make the driving experience incredibly realistic. Every detail is brought to life, from the cars to the maps, making it an immersive and enjoyable driving simulation game.

Various Maps to Play In

The game features various maps set in different cities and countries, offering a unique driving experience in each one. Players can explore the bustling streets of Paris, experience the bright lights of Las Vegas, drive through the winding roads of Moscow, or navigate the busy highways of Washington DC. Other locations include Sydney, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Peru, Rome, and many more. Each map offers a distinct set of challenges and obstacles, providing players with a thrilling and immersive driving experience.

Various Modes

The game offers a range of game modes to choose from. In free mode, players can explore the game’s various maps and practice their driving skills without any restrictions. Multiplayer mode allows players to compete against other players online, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. The race mode lets players participate in different types of races against other AI-controlled cars, while the career mode allows players to build their careers as professional drivers and compete in various championships to become the ultimate driving champion.

Features of Driving School Sim MOD APK

Following are some features of the moded version

Unlimited Money in Driving School Sim MOD APK

The moded version of the game comes with unlimited money, that you can use to purchase anything in the game you like.

No Ads

Driving school sim MOD APK comes with no in-game ads, so you can enjoy the game without any interruption.

All Unlock

The unlocked version of the game features everything fully unlocked. You can go an enjoy everything that comes locked in the default version of the game.

System Requirement for Driving School Sim MOD APK

Following are some system requirements for the moded version.

Android Version5.1+

Our Experience

Overall, we had an incredible experience playing Driving School sim MOD APK. The amazing collection of cars, customization options, various game modes, and exciting challenges kept us engaged for hours.

We particularly enjoyed exploring the different maps and experiencing the unique driving challenges each one presented. The intuitive controls and in-game tutorials made it easy to pick up the gameplay mechanics, while the realistic graphics made us feel like we were driving real cars on real roads. The multiplayer mode also added a competitive edge, allowing us to race against other players online.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we highly recommend Driving School sim MOD APK to anyone looking for a fun and engaging driving simulation game. With its impressive collection of cars, exciting challenges, and various game modes, there is always something new and exciting to discover.

The realistic graphics and intuitive controls make it easy to immerse oneself in the game, while the in-game tutorials make it accessible even to new players. Overall, we had a fantastic experience playing the game and would definitely recommend it to any driving game enthusiasts.

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Yes, the Driving School sim MOD APK is available free of cost.

Yes, You can play the game online.

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